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Seabuckthorn Oil

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Balanceuticals' TCM Formulas

The following pages carry a special line of traditional Chinese formulas that are:

  • Time-honored formulas used for a few thousand years
  • Improved formulas backed up with modern research
  • Screened by specialists at China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine for safety and efficacy
  • Labels legal in accordance with FDA requirements
  • Color scheme to indicate nature of the particular formulas providing guidance for users

The Three Color Scheme on Labels: There are three principal colors used for the labels. Green color formulas are meant for long term use as general maintenance. They help support the immune system, promote biological functions of different systems or tonify. Reddish brown formulas are designed for special health concerns and are used when necessary. The blue color formulas are somewhat in between.

Special Notice to Customers:

Dear Customers,

As we are committed to bringing the best from the source, we are constantly improving our formulas to stay ahead of market. So if you find anything different between the descriptions and our product labels, be sure that it is meant for the better as warranted by new developments in research.

Your input is appreciated as always.

TCM Remedies
B-001 AcNomore B-002 AlcohLiver Fix
B-005 Blood Circulator B-004 Back To Youth
B-007 Britemind Elder B-006 Blood Pressure Balance
B-009 Cholesterol Guard B-008 Cerebral-Cardiovascular Cleanser
B-011 Clear Head & Neck Comfort B-010 ClearEye & SharpEar
B-015 Eye Sight Formula
B-060 Kidney Clean B-059 Female Fertility Builder
B-025 Mammary Care B-017 Hair Regeneration
B-029 NephroEase B-019 HernEase
B-031 Ovary & Uterus Clean
B-032 Prostate Clean B-022 Leak Control
B-042 Seabuckthorn Seed Oil B-041 Seabuckthorn Oil
B-040 Seabuckthorn Berry Oil
B-048 Solid Bone Spermarize
B-053 Sugar Balancer
B-054 Super Manhood B-C01 Super Reishi Essence
B-TCMB TCM Textbooks & Publications
Non TCM Remedies
B-005 BioDefender