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Herbal Tea Series

Health King Enterprise, Inc & Balanceuticals, Inc., offer these herb teas to help you deal with various health concerns you may have. However we take great pleasure to help you create a healthy and natural life style.

The uniqueness of our teas:

  • High quality authentic traditional Chinese formulas, mostly made of wild herbs, safe and effective;
  • Taste great for both hot and iced-tea
  • Customer friendly and FDA-compliant descriptions and product names attractive to customers;
  • Already well-known and proven welcome in health food stores and clinics in the country
  • Three-side display design saving space and easily adapting to retailer shelves.
  • Health King Enterprise Medicinal Teas are parve in quality, containing no animal part and manufactured in parve environment.
H-01 AllergEase H-02 Antioxidant
H-03 Astragalus Immunity H-04 BeautyMate
H-05 Blood Pressure H-06 Blood Tonifier and Circulator
H-07 Cholesterol Guard H-40 Booze Remedy
H-09 Clear Eye H-08 Chrysanthemum Vascuflow
H-11 Detoxer H-10 Cough-Off
H-13 Digest H-12 Diet Master
H-15 Easy-Going & Colon Clean H-14 Dong Quai Lady's
H-17 Femalejoy H-16 Eleuthero Vascutone
H-19 Ginger H-18 GastroEase
H-41 Goji H-20 Ginkgo Biloba
H-21 Green Tea H-42 Golden Voice
H-23 Head & Throat Soother H-22 Hair Regeneration
H-24 Heart Fortifier H-43 HeadachEase
H-25 Jointflexer H-44 ItchEase
H-45 Lung Pacifier H-26 Kidney Fortifier
H-27 Mammary & Uterus Care H-28 Manhood
H-29 Midlife Rejuvenating H-30 Panax Ginseng
H-48 Prostate Health H-31 President's
H-33 Reishi Liver Guard H-32 Quality Sleep
H-35 Stamina H-49 Relaxant
H-36 Quitsmoking H-34 St. John's Wort
H-38 Sweet Breath H-37 Sugar Controller